Opening Spring




Dr. Ted Kimball, an emergency medicine and critical care physician, has traveled to the North Shore of Kauai for over 35 years. Over the past four years Dr. Kimball has been working with the local community to gather resources and create a clinical practice paradigm for delivering sustainable urgent care to Kauai’s North Shore community. To date, he has recruited 15 board-certified emergency physicians and 14 physician assistant/nurse practitioners who have committed to practice along with Dr. Kimball in the Makana North Shore Urgent Care, currently under construction and scheduled to open Spring 2018.

The facility


Comprehensive Urgent care when you need it...

The Makana North Shore Urgent Care clinic is a state of the art 4,400 square foot medical facility equipped with the latest diagnostic tools including digital x-ray suite and laboratory.  With our combination of board certified Emergency Physicians, acute care nurse practitioners and physician assistants, registered nurses, lab and x-ray techs, expert, comprehensive urgent medical care will be available to the community of the North Shore.  

To provide around the clock availability, the second floor of the clinic contains housing for medical staff.

We support the dedicated primary care providers on the North Shore.  Our laboratory and x-ray will be available to local primary care providers, saving patients time and travel.